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Who we are…

Landscape East London offers professional landscaping services in East London and surrounding areas of the Eastern Cape. Providing Garden Design, Landscaping, Paving, Decking, Water Features, Khoi Ponds, Cladding, Retainer Walls and Irrigation.

Owner Nicol Spink started Landscape East London in 2014 out of a passion and love for growing plants and creating beautiful spaces for one to enjoy, with a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Landscape East London are proud to announce that they have collaborated with The Green Connexion – Qualified Landscape Technologist  Jason Law has over 18 years experience in the landscaping industry, implementing residential projects from 2004 to 2012 and then moved onto government projects focusing on environmental rehabilitation, the building of eco parks and landscaping public schools. With extensive knowledge and experience we can offer you expert advise, landscape design and installation of professional landscape projects.

Our team is comprised of skilled builders, carpenters, pavers and landscape gardeners who are all well trained and have years of experience behind them. 

What is Landscaping?

Landscaping is when trees, plants and a variety of materials such as rock, wood, pavers, pots, pebbles, stones, ponds and features are utilized to create an area of beauty, whether it’s in a quiet neighborhood or a bustling city. Today, you can find impressive landscaping projects in the form of rooftop gardens, urban pocket parks, and backyard oases.

Landscaping also plays a big role in sustainability. Good landscapers prioritize the health of the environment, catering to living in harmony with nature. They are at the forefront of techniques and innovations dealing with energy efficiency, clean water, clean air, and more. In the journey to a healthier, more sustainable world.

What we offer…

Landscape Design

Digital or hand drawn design.


Garden renovations and garden touch ups.


Smartstone slab paving, brick paving, tiling.



Offering Eva Decking, Pine or Grappa.


Retainer Walls

Terrraforce, Latta, Gum Pole and M6.


Khoi Ponds and natural garden ponds. 


Cladding and tiling.

Water Features

Pot plant and rockery water features.

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