Growing Tomatoes

Growing your own Tomatoes is a rewarding activity, their taste is absolutely superior anything you find in the supermarket. Tomatoes are not difficult to grow; you will be able to harvest them by just letting them be. A really stunning result is in store for those who adhere to the crops very simple preferences. This article shows you how.

Tomatoes are one of the most easily grown and most productive plants of all vegetables. The question “How to Grow Tomatoes” is therefore an almost rhetorical, they just do. Once you’ve tasted your own fresh picked tomatoes however, you’ll never be content to eat bought tomatoes again.

As easy a crop to grow tomatoes do have preferences,  they like sun, water and nutrients. Fulfill their preferences and you will be well rewarded. Tomatoes can easily be grown from seed as they germinate readily. Many gardeners plant seeds in a row in long punnets, the problem here is that your seedlings roots get entangled and it can get difficult to separate them. This causes transplant shock and sets the plants back in their development. Especially when you are growing in containers you will want to avoid any disadvantages. It’s better to plant each seed individually in a small pot.

You can also choose to plant them where they are to grow in the garden. In that case the soil must be kept moist until germination. And you have to remember that there are many hungry insects out there waiting for breakfast. If you are in a hurry to get tomatoes to eat, you can purchase the seedlings from most nurseries. Make sure they have sturdy stems and are dark green in color. Plants with yellowish foliage or spindly stems should be avoided. And if they are flowering leave them there as they’ve been in the pot for too long and the plant will be root-bound.

Tomatoes need to be staked to get the best out of the plant. Slugs and snails will often spoil the fruit if they are allowed to trail over the ground. Hammer the stakes into the ground where you want the tomato plants to be, and then plant the seedlings next to them. If you plant first then stake later, you risk damaging the roots, which will have spread out by then.

Instead of a stake, you can use a tomato cage to support each plant as it grows. Using a cage is good because you don’t have the hard job of hammering a tall stake into the ground. Cages can be pushed into the soil around the plant and it will grow up through the wires. Each branch will be supported by parts of the cage.

As the plant grows, pinch off the lateral shoots to encourage an erect plant. Lateral shoots will be found growing at the junction of each branch and the main stem. Keep tomatoes well watered and give them a reasonable amount of nutrition. As with most vegetables they will bear better if they have adequate nutrients.

The main problem is blossom end rot that forms as a black spot at the blossom end of the fruit. This disease is caused by the lack vital nutrients, Because the plant can only utilize these nutrients when adequate water is available, watering is often the best remedies.

So in fact this deficiency is caused because there is an “overabundance” of available nutrients. Growing tomatoes either in containers or garden is a rewarding and relaxing way to spend your Saturday morning

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